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Membership Instructions

The talents of our compassionate and generous volunteers help keep our doors open. Volunteers are actively involved in the general care of the animals including walking/exercising, socializing, grooming, and cleaning kennels. Volunteers are also involved in special projects, events, humane education, offsite outreach programs and in-home foster care. Start your volunteer journey with us by completing the application below.

You will create a GivePulse Account, then complete a Volunteer Application for GCHS. Please watch the fields do not auto-fill with incorrect information.

You must be approved before attending New Volunteer Orientation. You must attend orientation before you start volunteering. 

  • If you are completing an application for a minor, the account must be made under a different email than the parent/guardian. An application is needed for both the parent/guardian & the minor. Only one account per email.
  • Please do not enter your name as the user and the minor's name as the legal name. The user & legal name must be for the same person. We need an application for both the minor and the parent/guardian.
  • 13-15 year old volunteers are required to have a parent/legal guardian on property with them. The parent/legal guardian must also become a volunteer.
  • 16-17 year old volunteers can volunteer without a parent/legal guardian present. However, a parent/guardian signature is required on the Volunteer Waiver (provided at Orientation) before the minor can begin volunteering.

Background checks are completed for every applicant. 
  • We cannot accept any application from a person having a felony record (current or previous), and absolutely no Domestic Violence, Battery, or Animal Cruelty charges (current or previous). Additionally, Volunteer hours do not qualify for Court Ordered Community Service.

Emails will come from GCHS Volunteers (GivePulse).

If you are unsure if you have been approved, try logging into your account. If is says you are a member of Gulf Coast Humane Society, you have been approved. 

Volunteer Orientation lasts about 1.5 hours. You must be on time. If you are 10+ minutes late, you will need to sign up for another orientation. Orientation includes a PowerPoint and tour of the property.

You MUST wear closed toed shoes. ALL volunteers MUST complete orientation. Volunteers wanting to be dog walkers must attend an additional Green Dog Workshop BEFORE they can begin walking dogs. You must be 16 years of age to walk dogs & have completed a Green Dog Workshop. We reserve the right to suggest you re-take the class. To walk Yellow or Orange dogs, you must be 18 years of age & have completed & passed the Yellow/Orange dog skill workshops.

This is not for court ordered community service or diversion programs. Visit our website for more information.